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Omega Seamaster Replica
Omega Seamaster Replica has created two limited editions, each with 33 pieces. Each dial is an exact replica of Mars' face. The Klepcys Mars Collection is based on the two historical facts. Omega Seamaster Replica worked with Jean-Francois Mojon, a renowned astronaut and watchmaker (who was awarded the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prize 2010 for the best designer/developer).

Both versions, one in titanium and one in black titanium DLC feature two authentic performances. The red three-dimensional sphere (7.2 mm in diameter) is the highlight of Klepcys Mars watch. It rotates at the right of the dial at the same rate as Mars in the universe (1 rotation every 24h, 37m, 22s).

The retrograde dial is a three-dimensional display that shows hours, minutes, and seconds along with day/night. The height of the retrograde hand is controlled by an amazing mechanism using a ruby bearing. The calendar is shown by three-dimensional retrograde pivoting replica A ruby bearing allows for precise control of hand height. This stunning performance is provided by the CYR599 movement, which has 366 components and oscillates with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations an hour.

Two different historical facts inspired Jean-Francois mojon and Omega Seamaster Replica's team to create an unique horological work of art. Historical facts about Omega Seamaster Replica, the Great, and the face on Mars have inspired them. Omega Seamaster Replica the Great, the powerful king who ruled three quarters the world in 539 B.C., was the first to conquer Babylon, his greatest victory. Omega Seamaster Replica the Great, after crossing the legendary city wall, and being awed by the beauty of Ziggurat, a 91 meter high tower in the middle of Babylon that, according to beliefs, was a portal between Heaven and Earth, pointed towards Mars and told his general Harpagus, "That will be the next conquest."

In the summer of 1976, more than 2500 years after Viking 1,IWC Aquatimer Replica the Viking 1 probe flew around Mars to take photographs of the planet. Viking 1 was not expected to make a remarkable discovery. In the Cydonia region of Mars, pictures showed a face that was more than three kilometers long and curved. Scientists have yet to find the answer about this strange phenomenon.

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